23 Jan “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

As Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” which is completely true, I have quite a collection! Every now and again you need to kick off your heels and resort to your trusted old, yet comfy slippers and take a well earnt break to help re-ignite your creativity. 

Running a business can be tough, it takes a lot of determination and motivation and some days just don’t go according to plan!! I am told I am too hard on myself. I disagree. I see it more like striving to make myself and my work the best it can possibly be. That isn’t to say I don’t sometimes get a creative block. Having the input of others is key to being a success but if that doesn’t work – take a break! Whenever I feel overwhelmed, or productivity has come to a standstill, I take a break, leave the office and have some time-out to recharge! 

Reflecting on previous work is one way I do this, I have a few ‘very special moments’ that I often take myself back to. It is a way to show yourself just how good you are and how far you have come; something I would highly recommend anyone to help get that creative energy flowing again. 

“I can say hand on heart that your master floral skills really tipped the balance to make a special day a truly magical one.” A Sarah Harper Bride 2016. 

One of my favourite pieces of work was when I was asked to do the flowers for my other half’s cousin’s wedding. Everything about working with Penny & Will was a dream. From the planning stages through to the final installation. I hardly ever shed a tear with my clients, but the look of gratitude and the hug Penny gave me when she had seen how we had transformed the quaint country church literally took my breath away. It was at that point, having been up since 3am working tirelessly in heavy rain, (yep the kind that soaks you to your knickers!) that I stood back and was proud of what we had created. It is moments like this that make you realise how lucky you are to do what you love, every day. 

Naomi Kenton Photography

Naomi Kenton PhotographyPhotography Credit Naomi Kenton

Taking time-out is a must, and something that I am realising I mustn’t feel bad for doing. It was whilst on holiday with my other half – my best friend – that we found one of our favourite places. Everyone has a place which is their escape or ‘special’ place. Ours was seeing the ‘Little Blue House on the Hill’ as we refer to it. It was a moment when you stop and just admire and reflect on how lucky we are. Surrounded by a beautiful Spanish coast line, dramatic hills and this little gem, miles from anything else with no phone signal and just each other, provided an overwhelming feeling of contentment. Reflecting on the experiences that we share together, whether with my loved ones or my clients, really is the best pick-me-up!

Little Blue House on the Hill

So “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” but don’t keep those comfy favourites far away!