31 Jan Our 7 Wonders of the Wedding Industry, Supplier No.2 MUA Harriet Franklin

Don’t the weekends go so quick?! Before you know it you are back doing the morning routine, applying makeup with tired eyes and the rush of the week has begun!

One lady who would make every ladies morning routine a total dream is the super talented Makeup Artist Harriet Franklin. Ladies if we had the luxury of Harriet on hand all the time we would feel drop dead gorgeous everyday! So with that said she is a must for any bride on her wedding day.

Harriet is without doubt our first choice of MUA and our second supplier to make up our 7 Wonders of the Wedding Industry blog series. We have worked with Harriet on a numerous occasions and her professional, friendly and relaxed manner is just what you want to enjoy getting ready on your wedding morning.

Her experience speaks for itself putting you in the safest of hands, whether you are looking for a romantic, soft natural look or want to add a pop of colour to your make up Harriet will guide and advise you on what will work best with your skin type and colour (we have seen her kit, she has EVERYTHING you could ever need!) We love it when Harriet is part of the team, if you would like to get in touch with Harriet, don’t leave it too late she gets booked up quickly! You will find all her details below as well as her social media links, we would highly recommend swooning over Harriet Instagram account!

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Hear what Harriet had to say in our question and answers session.

1. We know you love your job, what is it about what you do that you love the most?

Oh there are so many reasons I love my job! First and foremost I just love makeup – but that’s a given.  I have experimented with makeup from a young age and have always been fascinated with art and what can be created through different mediums. I think makeup artistry is far deeper than just the visual though – it can change how a person feels about themselves, it’s a real confidence booster; something which is so important on a brides big day!  Seeing a clients face light up at their reflection in the mirror gives me the biggest buzz every time.

I also love meeting new people and getting to know them.. building a relationship with a client is, to me, just as important and enjoyable as makeup application.  Being part of a brides wedding day is such a privilege and always such a wonderful experience – it never feels like work!

2. How would you describe your style? 

This is quite a difficult question as I adapt my style to each and every client.  One of the most important things for a bride is to recognise themselves when they look in the mirror and for that reason it is crucial as a makeup artist that I listen to how they want to look whilst advising along the way.  If a client never normally wears makeup then I would recommend a subtle, enhanced and natural look; if a client normally wears a full face of makeup and false eyelashes then I would recommend something more dramatic.

In general I have a very friendly/informal approach. I am reliable, organised  and extremely adaptable to creating a variety of different looks. Ultimately makeup is fun though and that is an element I think I certainly bring to my service!


Image Credit as well as feature image-  Lucy Davenport

3. What is it about the wedding industry that you are so clearly passionate about?

Being a bit of a ‘girls girl’ I just utterly adore being part of a brides big morning! From the dress to the shoes, from the flowers to the hair; I admire every skill each supplier brings to the day. In addition to that, even though the structure of a wedding morning is the same – each and every wedding is so different and I love that!

I have worked on TV sets and in photographic studios and enjoy all aspects of makeup work but nothing is as personable and as rewarding as being a bridal makeup artist – my favourite by far!

4. What piece of advice would you give to new couples just starting out with their planning?

Plan ahead – suppliers get booked up so far in advance and it is shocking how quickly the time will vanish! With regard to makeup I strongly recommend having a trial first as not only does it allow you to try out different looks and products but you can also test the makeup on your skin to make sure you have no reactions or sensitivities to what is being used; which gives you peace of mind knowing that you can sit back and relax on your big day.

5.What does being part of a couples special day mean to you?  

Getting married is one of the most important days of a couples life, and to be part of that is such a privilege! I take huge pride in what I do and to be able to make a bride feel her most fabulous on her big day is so special for me.

6. You must have shared so many wonderful memories over the years in the industry what would be up there with one of your favourites?

Every wedding has been wonderful but one of my most memorable experiences was my first time at Aynhoe Park. It is the most unique and beautiful venue – somewhere I would love to get married myself when the day comes. I was blown away by the surroundings and had become good friends with the bride leading up to her wedding.  I was greeted with a warm hug and a thank you gift and was made to feel more like a friend than an employee. I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed when she stepped into the room in the most stunning wedding dress – it was that moment, that wedding, that I knew this was the industry for me.

A less sentimental memory but also a favourite of mine was a wedding trial that included 5 dogs! 1 Newfoundland, 2 Black Labradors and 2 Border Terriers. Being a huge animal lover, especially of dogs, this made for the most exciting trial ever! It’s fair to say once the makeup was complete and my work was done I mucked in with the dogs and left covered in dog hair from top to bottom; and I couldn’t have been happier!

7. We have worked with you on a few occasions and would recommend you to all our clients, how have you found working with Sarah and the Sarah Harper Flowers team?

Sarah Harper Flowers are an absolute dream team! Not only have I always been mesmerized by the stunning flower arrangements they create, but they are just the most lovely people.  Sarah is so kind and bubbly, it’s always such a treat when our paths cross and we get to work together. My best friend recently got engaged and asked me to recommend a florist and I did not hesitate to recommend Sarah Harper Flowers!

Image Credit Katie Ingram 

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