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20 Jan Our 7 Wonders of the Wedding Industry

For a while now I have wanted to blog about the suppliers we have worked with who have helped transform ordinary days into an extraordinary ones. They say ‘team work makes the dream work’ and it was whilst daydreaming in our office with the sweet scent of a ‘wild fig and grape’ candle burning and admiring a postcard of the Taj Mahal sent from my partner during his travels in India that actually I have, in my opinion, found the 7 wonders of the wedding industry, with these wonderful suppliers who work tirelessly to make your big day a magical one.

Image & Florals: Sarah Harper Flowers 

Everyone of them offers this industry that little something that makes it a better one to be part of. They make the aesthetics in their field that bit more exciting offering you a personal and professional experience, one which you will look back on in awe.

I think it comes down to us all sharing a few common morals:

Passion – it is obvious from the results we truly love what we do.

Care – you can tell that our ‘We Love’ suppliers care tremendously about what they do. Each commission deserves 100% attention, down to the finest detail. The day we stop caring is the day we should hang up the apron.

Love– blood, sweat and tears goes into running your own business and trust us it is hard work and long hours! To make a success of it in such a big industry is a real credit to the dedication of all our ‘We Love’ suppliers. If it was easy everyone would do it!

Drive & Determination– to keep moving forward and reflecting on how we can improve. Every year we strive to be the best and to provide our clients with the best possible service.

In this ‘We Love’ Blog series I will share the Q&A session from the suppliers who make up our 7 Wonders of Wedding Industry, from MUA, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Catering to styling. First up is Kate Cullen Styling.

kate cullen styling logo

I have worked with Kate on a few occasions from styled shoots to real life weddings. The finishing touches that a stylist brings are fundamental as they pull everything together in perfect harmony. As well as her styling service, Kate also makes renowned natural dyed silk ribbons which are truly stunning and always part of our ribbon draw; they really do add that final bit of ‘wow factor’ to our bridal bouquets. If you are looking for a stylist, we cannot recommend Kate enough, you will be greeted right from the off with a friendly and knowledgeable stylist, putting you totally at ease with the next part of your planning.


Image Credit : Bowtie & Belle Photography

We know you love your job, what is it about what you do that you love the most?

“Oh where to start – there are so many things that make my job what it is – my clients, the wonderful industry suppliers that offer so much support and inspire with their creativity, that people want to buy the things I make is also so incredibly rewarding.”

How would you describe your style?

“My style is always evolving, but I like to think it is natural, inspired by the wonders of nature, elegant, and relaxed.”

What is it about the wedding industry that you are so clearly passionate about?

“The incredible support that we all give one another – it really has embraced the ‘community over competition’ ethos that is so seldom seen in may jobs.”

Theresa Furey Fine Art Wedding Photography

Image Credit: Theresa Furey Fine Art Wedding Photography. Styling: Kate Cullen.  Florals: Bramble and Wild. 

What piece of advice would you give to new couples just starting out with their planning?

“Try not to be too overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing – if you go with your heart you will create something that you will enjoy and has an authenticity to it that will last over the years as you look back at your photos.”

What does being part of a couples special day mean to you?

“It is incredibly humbling that couples entrust so much to me on the lead up to, and on their wedding day. Getting to be a small part of their day is always an amazing honour.”

You must have shared so many wonderful memories over the years in the industry what would be up there with one of your favourites?

“Seeing a wedding come together on the day is always a incredible moment, especially if it’s one where I’ve got to work with industry friends – sitting back and seeing it all looking perfect is such a magical time after the months of planning and designing.  Without a doubt  also having fun and giggles on styled shoots – without the pressure of a real wedding scenario we all get to catch up and let our creative souls free for a day.”

We have worked with you on a few occasions and would recommend you to all our clients, how have you found working with Sarah and the Sarah Harper Flowers team?

“Sarah is a warm and friendly person who clearly loves what she does and this shines through in every conversation.”

 Image credit: Lucy Davenport Photography. Florals: Sarah Harper Flowers. Silks:Kate Cullen Styling. 

I think you can see why Kate is one of our ‘We Love’ suppliers, please do spend a bit of time looking through her website. As well as Kate’s new venture, Fine Art Wedding Boutique, which we are delighted to be part of her directory of suppliers.

Kate Cullen Styling
Fine Art Wedding Boutique.